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Our Spiritual Connection to the Natural World

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Our Story

Dr. Sandhi is an internationally acclaimed artist, award winning designer, creator of beautiful and unique handmade Sedona Energy Stones jewelry. humanitarian and Animal Chaplain. She earned her doctorate in Humane Spiritual Studies, developing programs that teach ways of helping bring kindness and compassion into all lives. She has spent much of her life in humanitarian work and has always used her art to try to ignite and awaken a deeper compassion for all life in the universe within the viewer's own heart.


The passion and purpose for all of her creative efforts is to help others, both human and animals and all life forms, wherever they exist, through proactive compassion, understanding and kindness. "All of my creative efforts are manifested with this intent and in this direction." 


Eldon is a fine art photographer and amateur astronomer. His photography centers on showing the viewer the beauty of the natural world. Through the lens of his camera, he captures landscapes here in the southwest that draw one into the elegance of nature herself.  Through his microscope, he photographs a world unseen by our normal vision. He shows us the incredible wonder and perfect structure of all creation.

Meet The Team

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